Webinar  • Thursday, Feb 15th, 11.00-11.45 AM CET 


Thinking Ahead:
2024 Delogue ESG
Roadmap Session



In an era where the fashion industry is being reshaped by legislative shifts and the increasing data requirements from key accounts, brands find themselves navigating a complex landscape.

The challenges are many: How do you collect all the necessary data? How can this data be organized to enable reporting and compliance? What kind of technology infrastructure is essential for a brand's survival?

Recognizing this, Delogue has been working tirelessly to finish our plans for 2024 and going forward. Our 2024 roadmap is designed to ensure your brand is equipped for the evolving demands of the ESG agenda.

Webinar, key takeaways:

  • Current Legislative Status in the Industry: We'll review what we know about anticipated future requirements and the data needs of major key accounts and e-commerce platforms.

  • Delogue's Vision for the Future: Discover our vision for the future and how it aims to support your brand's approach to compliance.

  • 2024 Roadmap: Gain insights into our 2024 roadmap — explaining the developments we're focusing on, launching, and how they will benefit your brand. 

  • Roadmap Q&A: Your chance to ask any questions regarding the roadmap and how it aligns with your brand's needs.

Don’t miss this pivotal opportunity to see how Delogue is setting the stage for your brand to meet the evolving demands of the ESG agenda with confidence.


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